Storytelling for Learning and Teaching in EE

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This is a 6-week professional development course designed for environmental educators to explore the role storytelling can play in facilitating student learning, and as a teaching in both formal and non-formal settings. Educators will be given opportunities to consider the power of storytelling as part of one's personal learning process. We will also examine the role storytelling can play as a means to disseminate environmental knowledge through various social media outlets. During the first 4 weeks, educators will become familiar with various media and technologies that students and educators can use to tell their own stories. We will explore video, audio and text based storytelling methods. We will also become familiar with tools like Storify, Prezi and YouTube for publishing and disseminating digital content. In the last 2 weeks, participants will be given a chance to create their own stories as showcases to other professionals within our professional community.

Topics covered in this course will include:

  1. Storytelling as a process of discovery and learning
  2. Education through storytelling
  3. Tools to facilitate storytelling (video, blogging, photo journaling)
Dates: 2014-09-11 00:00:00 to 2014-10-11 00:00:00 Course Size:

30 Participants

Course Fee:


Learning Platform:

Google Apps for Education and Facebook

Course Requirements:

Computer with Internet Connection, Facebook Account, and Camera or Smartphone


EE and Storytelling announcement update.pdf

Course Facilitator:

Justin Smith, PhD ( – Postdoctoral Fellow, Cornell University,

Jose Marcos Iga, Ph.D. (, International Programs Director, EE Exchange

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